The BTSE Marketplace is a secure, peer-to-peer fiat deposit and withdrawal platform, designed to enable efficient, low-cost, and instant settlement of various fiat currencies. Users can on and off ramp money into and out of BTSE platform via the marketplace by interacting with a professional marketplace merchant. The marketplace service is provided by fully verified merchants in each country. 

  1. Login your BTSE account  >  Click Marketplace
  2. Use the filtering function -- "Buy/Sell, Payment Currency, Merchant Region" to select the merchants you would like to trade with
    * In order to speed up your order. It is recommended that you should choose a merchant who is located at the same region or has a mutual third-party payment method
  3. Click Buy/Sell button to enter the order page
  4. Enter the desired amount >  Click Submit
  5. Once your order has been submitted, you can use the Messages function to discuss Fees and Payment Method with the merchant
  6. Once the terms have been reached, the merchant will accept your order, you will receive a "Transaction Completed" message
  7. Transfer or send the agreed upon payment price, once the merchant has received the funds, the merchant will then credit/transfer funds to your account