• Referral Bonus

    Once your friend accepts your invitation and starts trading, you get to earn 20% referral bonus from their trading fees every time they trade.
    If you have held BTSE Token, the bonus rate can be increased up to 40%.
    * For more details, please visit The List Below

  • Referral Earnings

    Every time your friends earn through the referral program, BTSE will provide an additional 10% of that amount as your extra bonus

  • Multi-level Pass-through Earnings

    Referral Earnings don't have level limitations. It can pass through an unlimited earning extent. The more referrals a user has, the more they earn from this referral program.

  • Trading Fee Discount

    After your friends accepted your invitation, they will have a 30-day trading fee discount.
    Referees can enjoy up to 60% trading fee discount.
    * For more details, please visit Fee Schedule

  • Unlimited Lifetime Benefits

    Your referral entitlements are valid for a lifetime.
    As long as your friends continue trading on BTSE, you continue earning.

  • Qualified Referral

    To be counted as a qualified referral, your friends must sign up via your referral link.

  • Referral Earnings Distribution

    Referral Earnings are distributed daily, every 10:00 AM (UTC)

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Increase Your Referral Bonus Up To 40%

The more BTSE Token you hold, the higher bonus rate you will get. The bonus rate can be increased up to 40%

BTSE Token HoldingReferral Bonus %
< 5020 %
≥ 5021 %
≥ 7522 %
≥ 10023 %
≥ 15025 %
≥ 17526 %
≥ 20027 %
≥ 30028 %
≥ 1,50030 %
≥ 2,50035 %
≥ 5,00040 %