Spot Trading Fees

BTSE employs a maker and taker fee model.

The account VIP level is determined based on a 30-day rolling window of trading volume, and is recalculated once every 24 hours. Please log into your account profile to see your current VIP level. Trading volume is calculated in BTC terms. Non-BTC trading volume are converted into BTC equivalent volume at spot exchange rate.

VIP Level30d Trading VolumeMakerWith Effective DiscountTaker
General<100 BTC0.050%0.040%0.100%
VIP I>= 100 BTC0.045%0.036%0.090%
VIP II>= 500 BTC0.040%0.032%0.080%
VIP III>= 5000 BTC0.035%0.028%0.070%
VIP IV>= 10000 BTC0.030%0.024%0.060%
VIP V>= 20000 BTC0.025%0.020%0.050%
VIP VI>= 40000 BTC0.015%0.012%0.040%
VIP VII>= 100000 BTC0.010%0.008%0.030%

* VIP levels will be calculated daily @ 00:00 (UTC)

Spot Trading Limits

CurrencyMinimum Trading LimitsMaximum Trading Limits
Bitcoin (BTC)
0.002 BTC                 2,000 BTC              
Ethereum (ETH)
0.05 ETH                 5000 ETH              
Litecoin (LTC)
0.05 LTC                 5000 LTC              
Tether (USDT)
10 USDT                100000 USDT              

Perpetual Futures Trading Fees

SeriesLeverageMaker FeeTaker FeeFunding Interval
Bitcoin (BTCPFC)
100x-0.030%0.070%Every 8 hours
Ethereum (ETHPFC)
50x-0.030%0.070%Every 8 hours
Litecoin (LTCPFC)
50x-0.030%0.070%Every 8 hours
Tether (USDTPFC)
20x-0.030%0.070%Every 8 hours

Time-based Futures Trading Fees

SeriesLeverageMaker FeeTaker Fee
Bitcoin Monthly
Bitcoin Quarterly
Ethereum Monthly
Ethereum Quarterly
Litecoin Monthly
Litecoin Quarterly

Perpetual Futures Trading Limits

Maximum Trading Limits: 500,000 contracts per trade.

Maximum position size: 1,000,000 contracts.

Time-based Futures Trading Limits

Maximum Trading Limits: 100,000 contracts per trade.

Maximum position size: 200,000 contracts.

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

CoinToken NameMinimum WithdrawalWithdrawal FeeMinimum DepositDeposit Fee
  USDTTether105 USDTNo minFree
  TUSDTrueUSD105 TUSDNo minFree
  USDCUSD Coin105 USDCNo minFree
  BTCBitcoin0.0020.0005 BTCNo minFree
  ETHEthereum0.040.02 ETHNo minFree
  LTCLitecoin0.120.06 LTCNo minFree

* Please exercise extreme caution when you are depositing/withdrawing digital currency. If you deposit/withdraw your coins to an incorrect wallet address, you may lose your coins. These coins may never be recovered.

Fiat CurrencyMinimum WithdrawalWithdrawal FeeMinimum DepositDeposit Fee
USD$100 or equivalent0.09%
(min 25 USD)
$100 or equivalentFree*

* The minimum fiat deposit amount is 100 USD or equivalent. If you deposited an amount less than that, we will charge a small fee (3 USD or equivalent).
* There will be SWIFT remittance fees on all fiat deposits and withdrawals.  This is charged by the banks, not by BTSE.