How to Deposit Fiat Currencies

Depositing  fiat currency assets are now available on the BTSE Exchange platform.

If you wish to do so, please go to your BTSE Wallet and follow the instructions below:

Step 1.

Navigate to the BTSE Wallet Page > Choose "Spot" under Wallet Type.

Note: This option allows you to deposit traditional, government-issued fiat currencies into your BTSE account. You can then buy cryptocurrencies with these funds.

Step 2.

Click on “Deposit”

Step 3.

Select Your Preferred Payment Method

A. Bank Transfer > SEPA

Choose "Payment Method" > Click on "Next" > Review and note down the BTSE transaction number displayed on the remittance/deposit details > Click "Deposit" > Choose "Bank Transfer (SEPA)"

Note: This option will guide you through the steps to make a SEPA bank transfer.


B. Bank Transfer > SWIFT

Navigate to the deposit page > Choose the "Bank Transfer (SWIFT)" option

Note: This option allows for international wire transfers via the SWIFT network.

Step 4.

Complete Your Wire Transfer

Fill in the required deposit/bank information fields on your bank's remittance form. Ensure that the "reference code" and "transaction number" in the payment details field are accurate. Click "OK" or "Submit" to send the remittance form to your bank for processing.

Note: Double-check all details before submitting, in order to ensure a smooth transaction.

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