BTSE now supports Diamond Coin (DC). You can deposit / withdraw DC on BTSE platform through the e-wallet app "Fincy".

To deposit DC, you must have sufficient balance in your Fincy app.

In this FAQ, we will show you how to top-up your Fincy app balance.

  1. Open the "Fincy" app  >  Click "Me"  >  Wallet  >  Click "Topup"
    * If you haven't installed the "Fincy" app, please refer to the Installation Guide
  2. Enter the deposit amount and select the payment instrument
  3. Select a merchant to top up the Fincy balance.
    * If the exchange rate is less than 1, that means the merchant will charge a top-up fee
  4. Copy the merchant's WeChat or Alipay account, then go to WeChat or Alipay to add the merchant as a friend.
  5. Transfer the amount you would like to deposit to the merchant. The merchant will top up your Fincy app balance once the amount is received.

Having problems when topping-up your Fincy app balance (e.g. the payment wasn't credited to your Fincy app balance)?
Please contact Fincy's customer support at:
- In-app chat support: Me > Contact Us
- Email support: