BTSE now supports Diamond Coin (DC). You can deposit DC on BTSE platform through the e-wallet app "Fincy".

In this FAQ, we will show you:

How to Deposit Diamond Coin (DC)

  1. BTSE  >  More  >  Wallets  >  (DC) Deposit  >  Select "Fincy app"  >  Get the QR Code

  2. Open "Fincy" app  >  Click  "Discover"  >  Scan  >  Scan the BTSE page QR code

    * If you haven't installed the "Fincy" app, please refer to the Installation Guide

  3. After successfully scanning the QR code, the app will direct you to the authorization step. Please click "Allow"

    * Authorization: Authorizes BTSE to obtain your Fincy app information to proceed with the transaction.

  4. Enter the deposit (CNY) amount  >  Please check the payment detail and click "Pay"  >  Enter the correct transaction password to complete the transaction

Review Transaction Details

Once the transaction is complete, you can view the transaction details in the "Fincy" tab.

Note: The transaction of depositing BTSE through the Fincy app is generally completed within 10 minutes. If your BTSE account wasn't credited after 10 minutes, please create a customer support request at

Click the "Fincy" tab  >  Service Notification  >  Click "View the details" to confirm the transaction status

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