To be eligible for participation in the Program, you (a Referrer) must be an Existing User and Registered Account Holder on the interface operated by BTSE. You may refer friends (each a “Referee”) to the interface by sharing his/her unique referral code, upon your successful registration as a User.

When your friends subscribe to BTSE Elite with your referral code:

  • Your friends (Referee) will get a 10% discount on their subscription fees
  • You (Referrer) will get a 0.1% commission for your friend's debit card purchase transactions
  • Commission period: the first six (6) months after the card activation. (Even if your friends' subscriptions have expired, their debit card spending will still provide you with commissions till the 6-month commission period expires)

I'm the Referrer. Where can I find my referral code?

You can find your referral code at your BTSE account's Elite Dashboard.

I'm the friend (Referee). Where should I enter my Referrer's referral code?

1. Please go to BTSE Elite page and select the desired subscription plan

2. Check "I accept the Terms and Conditions" and click "Review & Pay"

3. Please enter the "Referral Code" to the code field