What is BTSE Elite?

BTSE Elite is a subscription-based membership program designed by BTSE. Your membership gives you Elite access to the variety of financial products and applications developed by BTSE that allow you to conveniently and intuitively manage your finances.

Who is BTSE Elite for?

BTSE Elite is for everyone who wants to use one or more BTSE applications to conveniently manage their finances. Through discounts, bonuses, and upgrades, your BTSE Elite membership upgrades your experience across all of BTSE’s financial applications.

Do I have to verify my identity to become a BTSE Elite Member?

No, you do not need to complete the identity verification to become a BTSE Elite member but if you intend to avail of the BTSE Debit Card, you will be asked to complete your identity verification.

What are the identity verification requirements to avail of the BTSE Debit Card?

  • Passport: A clear photo of your latest passport showing the complete 4 corners
  • Proof of Address: A clear photo of your proof of address showing the complete 4 corners. Issue date of the document must be within the last 3 months. The document could  be one of the following:

** a Bank Statement / Account Statement (a monthly statement of your account balance)

** or a Phone Bill

** or a Credit Card Bill

** or a Utility Bill (Gas Bill / Water Bill / Electricity Bill)

How do I pay for my BTSE Elite Membership?

You can pay for your subscription using any combination of fiat, crypto and stable coins in your BTSE spot wallet.