The following steps will assist you on how to:

  •  Top up your BTSE account with my credit card

* Reminder: You'll need to complete the identity and address verification to complete these steps. For more details, please check our Identity Verification reference guide. 

How to top up your BTSE account with your credit card

(1) Click on Home Tab

Select "Deposit" Option

(2) Choose the credit card to top up option

(3) Enter the credit card information and click "Continue"

(4) Following the completion of the payment, our finance team will credit the amount to your account within a maximum processing time of one working day. (Depending on the status of your transaction with our bank and our partner service provider).



  • Credit Card Top Up and Transaction Limits
Credit Card Service / FunctionLimits
Max Top Up Amount per Transaction
USD 2,000 or its currency equivalent
Max Top Up Amount per Day
USD 10,000 or its currency equivalent
No. of Top Up Transaction per Day
Five (5) credit card transactions
No. of Top Up Transaction per Month
Ten (10) credit card transactions
  • Credit Card Statements are required for verification, non-submission may lead to non-approval of your card registration
  • Please ensure clear selfies to avoid delays in the verification