BTSE Trading Bot 

BTSE is now equipped with a trading bot that helps its users place SPOT orders automatically 24x7 via API which pulls your exchange account’s real time balances and trades automatically

The new feature is found under the landing page’ Trade tab.

The trading bot executes orders based on the total funds set aside by the user based on the Fund Allocation setting. 

This total fund allocation also represents the maximum amount the bot is allowed to use for trading. There are two types of Orders – STATIC and DYNAMIC.

Static orders will always use the Fund Allocation value for each new order, while Dynamic orders will use the proceeds (realized profit or loss) from the last deal for the new deal’s fund allocation.

This means that any profit gained or losses incurred from Dynamic orders are automatically added to or subtracted from the fund allocation and used for the bot's future deals

It is important to note that for Static orders, as long as there are still remaining funds available in your wallet that are greater than the size of your opening trade and subsequent order sizes, bots will continue to execute orders and complete deals.

In a worst-case scenario where the bots consecutively incur losses, a sample table comparing Static and Dynamic Orders can be found below:

STATIC                                                                     DYNAMIC

In the above Static Order type table, the trading bot will always trade $1,000 for the next orders, while the Dynamic Order type table shows that the trading bot considers your previous exit value and has the possibility to deactivate due to insufficient balance.


If you would like to update the Fund Allocation for a Dynamic order bot, please save the bot as STATIC with the new Fund Allocation. Then, when the bot opens with the first deal using the new Fund Allocation, you can update the bot to Dynamic.

For more information please click HERE

** BTSE bot are not supported incognito mode on web browser

** If you experience any problems using the trading bot on Google Chrome, kindly try using it in another browser. This may be caused by the chrome extension.