SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) Instant is a bank transfer technology that allows euro payment transactions to be processed in seconds or in a considerably shorter span of time than most payment methods in the current market.

SEPA Instant offers easier and faster services as it is one of the Instant payment methods that can process "immediate" or "real-time" payments. With this service, BTSE Account Users can deposit/withdraw anytime anywhere 24/7 upon successful account verification.

Where can I set up SEPA Instant?

Most banks now support SEPA instant but to be sure, kindly check with your local bank if they support SEPA instant to avoid unnecessary transaction related delays and upon confirmation, you may proceed to BTSE and follow its user-friendly steps.

How long is the turnaround time for deposits / withdrawals via SEPA instant?

Upon successful bank account verification, SEPA Instant can process your requests immediately, however, transactions may still be subjected to delays for a number of valid reasons which may be due to incomplete / wrong information details, additional verification or other reasons which may be beyond BTSE's control.

Does BTSE have to verify my accounts all the time? 

No, account verification is only required on your initial transaction, once your first payment deposit/withdrawal is processed successfully, succeeding transactions will be processed instantly.