What is SEPA instant?

SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) Instant is a bank transfer technology that allows euro payment transactions to be processed in seconds or in a considerably shorter span of time than most payment methods in the current market.

How to Verify My Bank Account for SEPA Instant Transfers

BTSE can now process payments through SEPA Instant.

To deposit or withdraw fiat via SEPA instant in the BTSE platform, a KYC verified account user needs to provide their bank account details upon their initial transaction for verification and once verified, the account user will be able to do SEPA instant transfers thereafter. Here's how you can verify your bank account:

1. From your BTSE Dashboard, Go to Buy > Deposit 
2. From the dropdown menu, select Bank Transfer (SEPA Instant)

3. Enter your bank account information via Add Bank pop up fields for verification and Click Add bank

Important Notes:
    1. Upon initial transaction, your deposit/withdrawal request will be processed manually and not yet instantly.

    2. BTSE's bank account verification may take 1 or up to 3 working days on your first transaction, if there are no other issues
        you will be able to use SEPA instant anytime, anywhere!