How to Withdraw Fiat Currencies
  1. To activate the fiat deposit and withdrawal functions, please complete the KYC verification process. Users who have not completed this process cannot use any fiat-related functions on BTSE. (for more information on the verification process, please visit this link: (Identity Verification)

  2. To proceed with your Withdrawal transaction, on the BTSE interface go to your SPOT Wallet and select the assets that you’d like to withdraw.

3. Fill in the appropriate fields and indicate the fiat withdrawal amount, then select payment method and add the details for the receiving bank account. 

a. Via SEPA

b. Via SEPA Instant

Choose your SEPA bank account (if there is no available account, please add your bank account information  first) -> Enter the amount and click "Withdrawal"

c. Via SWIFT

4. Check your registered e-mail address inbox for the Verification Code and input it in the appropriate field together with your 2FA code, and then click "Confirm". 


5. Your withdrawal transaction will be processed, and a confirmation message will be posted on the screen once completed. 

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