Wrapped Monero (WXMR): Proof of Reserves

Wrapped Monero Balance Sheet

Proof of XMR Reserves

  • XMR address: 4A5TK3BbMJ1gdofx8sBfZVAZEteDcQ56GYvTAV75aNu8Fir5XbfQx6XZ2Pe1qryRFNQQ7sxtXqPPuDuQeBs3VshKLDNFo6K
  • Proof file: wxmr_reserve_proof.txt (right click and select "Save link as")
  • Command to verify in 'monero-wallet-cli':
    check_reserve_proof 4A5TK3BbMJ1gdofx8sBfZVAZEteDcQ56GYvTAV75aNu8Fir5XbfQx6XZ2Pe1qryRFNQQ7sxtXqPPuDuQeBs3VshKLDNFo6K wxmr_reserve_proof.txt

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