How to top up your BTSE account with Express Buy

BTSE users can now buy cryptocurrencies with their credit cards on our Express Buy platform. Simply follow the steps below.

Step 1Access Express Buy

On the top menu, navigate to the "Buy Crypto" tab.

Select "Express Buy."

Step 2: Get a Quotation

Specify the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to purchase.

Choose the fiat currency that you'll be spending with.

Select the cryptocurrency that you want to purchase.

Click on "Get Quote" to obtain a quotation.

Step 3: Confirm and Process Payment

Review the quotation provided.

Important Note: The quotation amount updates every 30 seconds, so be sure to complete the transaction promptly.

If you're satisfied with the quotation, proceed to the payment process.

Step 4: Enter Credit Card Details

Enter your credit card details as required.

Take a moment to read and accept the payment service agreement.

Place a checkmark to indicate your acceptance.

Click "Pay XXX.XX" to proceed with the payment.

Step 5: Transaction Confirmation

Once your payment is successfully processed, you'll receive a notification confirming the transaction's success.

You can now check your wallet balance and start trading on BTSE!

Note: If your transaction encounters any issues, please reach out to our BTSE Support team for assistance.

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