BTSE users may now purchase cryptocurrencies with their credit card/debit card on our platform. To buy, simply follow the steps below: 

(1) On your dashboard, go to the "Buy Crypto" tab and choose "Express Buy"

To get a quotation of the crypto currency you would like to purchase, enter the amount you wish to buy, select the fiat currency you will spend, and the cryptocurrency you would like to purchase and click "Get Quote"

(2) Confirm the quotation and process payment on the following page

Important Reminder: Please be advised that the "quote" amount changes every 30 seconds so please be sure to process the transaction within the allotted time.

(3) Enter your credit card details, read the payment service agreement, place a tick mark to accept and click " Pay XXX.XX" to proceed.

(4) Once the transaction has is completed, you will be notified that the transaction is successful. You may proceed to check your wallet balance and trade on BTSE! 

 If your transaction was not successful, kindly contact our BTSE Support for assistance.