Bot Copy Trading

What is Bot Copy Trading?

With Bot Copy Trading, users can easily copy bot of top traders by either purchasing or copying bots for free with only one click. On the Bot Copy Trading homepage, users can see copyable bots from a variety of experienced traders across a number of different markets, ranked by profits. On the leaderboard, you can see historical return rates of these experts' bots and how many users have used them through this system. After copying, traders are able to further understand the detailed parameters of the bots they have successfully copied. 

How do I Use BOT Copy Trading?

Step 1:

Go to the official BTSE website, and click BOT Copy Trading in the top navigation menu to enter the bot copy trading interface.

Step 2:

Upon opening the bot copy trading leaderboard, an Overview will appear.  Users can view total historical earnings, historical returns on the bot, historical bot subscription profits, and the number of bots active in this area.

Below the Overview section is the bot copy trading market, which displays all the rankings of copy bots. You can filter by specific market, historical return rate performance, leverage ratio, and bots with different operating times. On the right hand side, there are also sort functions for rates of return, the total number of users who copied this bot, and total operating time. 

Step 3:

You can directly copy bots on the bot marketplace by clicking Copy. The price to copy is set  by the bot creator. Some bots will be free, and others will come at a price. . Users should ensure they have a sufficient balance in their spot wallet when purchasing a paid bot. 

Step 4:

After your selection in Step 3, you will be guided to the bot trading interface, and the bot’sparameters will automatically be filled in for you.Press “Create” after confirming your investment amount to start trading with your new bot. 

Step 5:

Users can find My bots on the bot copy trading page. Press My bot to find your currently activated bots, and bots you have previously used. Users can manage their trading bots on this screen.  

Can I copy bots from multiple experts?

While you can hold multiple bots at the same time, you can only enable one bot per market. For example, you can only use one grid bot at a time on the BTC perpetual contract market. 

After purchasing a bot, do I need to pay again if I want to use it again?

No, once a user purchases a bot, that bot can be found in Purchased Bot under the My bot menu and can be used again at any time in the future.

Can I use two bots in the same market at the same time??

The system does not allow users to use or create multiple bots in a single market. We suggest using sub-accounts to create multiple bots, in order to avoid having different bots conflict with each other within the same account. 

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