How to Deposit

Step 1. Create your digital currency wallet address

  • Wallets  >  Deposit  >  Create Digital Currency Address

Step 2. Deposit digital currency to your BTSE wallets

* Please note:

  • Each digital currency and blockchain has its own unique wallet address (E.g. BTC, ETH, LTC...etc. have their own unique wallet addresses; USDT-Omni, USDT-Liquid, USDT-ERC20 have their own unique wallet addresses)
  • Please make sure that the "Digital Currency", "Blockchain" and "Wallet Address" you have selected are correct. Any mistake may result in permanent loss of your digital currency

BTSE Does Not Support ETH Deposits / Withdrawals via Smart Contracts

Since BTSE does NOT support ETH smart contract deposits/withdrawals, if you deposit/withdraw a smart contract, the amount will not be automatically credited to your BTSE account. In this case, please contact BTSE’s customer support (manual crediting will require 10 working days to complete).

To check if you used a smart contract to transfer ETH, please visit the ETH transaction hash page and check the "To" field. If the word “contract” Is indicated, then the transaction was transferred by a smart contract.