To deposit cryptocurrencies in BTSE, just select the corresponding currency and blockchain on the wallet page and copy paste your BTSE wallet address to the "Withdrawal Address" field.

Below is an illustrated step by step guide for depositing digital currencies in BTSE for reference:

1. Click "Wallets"

2. Select the "Corresponding Currency"  >  Choose "Deposit (Currency)"

  1. Select the corresponding blockchain and copy paste your BTSE wallet address to the "Withdrawal Address" field of the withdrawal platform.
  • Note:
  • When you open the BTSE wallet for the first time, you will be prompted to create a wallet address. Please click "Create Wallet" to generate your personal wallet address
  • Selecting a wrong currency or blockchain when depositing may cause you to lose your asset/s permanently. Please take extra care to ensure you select the correct  currency and blockchain.

Does BTSE Supports Smart Contract Deposits of ETH? 

Yes, BTSE supports the standard ERC-20 smart contract deposits. This type of transaction is usually completed within 3 hours. For any delays, please contact customer support.

How do I know if I am using a Smart Contract?

Smart contracts are transaction formats launched by Ethereum. These types of transactions only take effect on the Ethereum blockchain. 

To check if you are using one, you can go to the ETH Blockchain Explorer, search for your transaction hash and view the Transaction details. The word “Contract” in the “To” field indicates that the transaction is a smart contract.