Futures Trading Fees (Users)

  • For futures trading, both the enter and settle positions will be charged trading fees. Trading fees will be deducted from your margin balance.
  • Users who already joined the Market Maker Program, please refer to the next section: Futures Trading Fees (Market Maker).
  • The account fee level is determined based on a 30-day rolling window of trading volume, and will be recalculated daily at 00:00 (UTC). You can see your current fee level on the Account Profile Page.
  • Trading volume is calculated in BTC terms. Non-BTC trading volume is converted into the BTC equivalent volume at the spot exchange rate.
  • Discounts are applied to taker fees only.
  • The BTSE token discount cannot be stacked with the referee discount. If the conditions for both discounts are met, the higher discount rate will be applied.
  • BTSE does not allow users to self-refer through multiple accounts.


VIP Level



30 days Spot trading volume (USD)


30 days Futures trading volume (USD)


BTSE Balance

General User0.0100%0.0500%0or0or 0
VIP 10.0100%0.0480%100,000or500,000and100
VIP 20.0100%0.0480%250,000or1,000,000and500
VIP 3-0.0125%0.0480%1,000,000or25,000,000and1,000
VIP 4-0.0125%0.0460%5,000,000or50,000,000and2,000
VIP 5-0.0150%0.0460%12,500,000or100,000,000and3,000
VIP 6-0.0150%0.0440%50,000,000or250,000,000and5,000
VIP 7-0.0175%0.0420%200,000,000or1,000,000,000and8,000
VIP 8-0.0175%0.0400%500,000,000or1,250,000,000and12,000
VIP 9-0.0200%0.0380%1,000,000,000or2,500,000,000and20,000
VIP 10-0.0200%0.0360%2,000,000,000or5,000,000,000and30,000

Futures Trading Fees (Market Makers)

  • For futures trading, both the enter and settle positions will be charged trading fees.
  • Market makers interested in joining BTSE's Market Maker Program, please contact mm@btse.com.



Futures Trading
MM1Maker Volume ≥ 0.15% of Exchange Volume-0.0125%0.0400%
MM2Maker Volume ≥ 0.5% of Exchange Volume-0.0150%0.0350%
MM3Maker Volume ≥ 1.5% of Exchange Volume-0.0175%0.0325%
MM4Maker Volume ≥ 3% of Exchange Volume-0.0200%0.0300%