Lending Products

"Lending" is a fixed-term deposit product. By lending your assets to BTSE’s capital pool, you will earn guaranteed interest based on the asset you choose to lend. Interest is paid every 24 hours.

* If you redeem the asset before the 24 hours time point, you will not receive the interest of the day.

How to Use the "Lending" Function to Earn Interest

1. Go to the "Earn" page  >  Select the asset you want to lend (in this example, we selected wUSD Token)  >  Click "Lend".

2. Set the lending amount  >  Check "I agree to terms and conditions"  >  Click "Lend Now" to start earning interest.

3. After successfully lending the asset, you can see the next interest payment time and interest amount in "Earn Wallet".

How to Redeem the Lending Asset and Interest

1. Go to "Earn Wallet", and scroll down to the "Lending" section.

2. Click the "^" button (on the left-hand side of the lending asset) and then turn off "Auto-renewal". (The selected asset and its interest will be redeemed to your spot wallet after today's interest is paid).

Or you can click the "..." button (on the right-hand side of the lending asset) and select "Redeem" to take out your asset right away. (Today's interest will not be paid).

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