What is AstroPay?

What is AstroPay? 

AstroPay is a payment option BTSE customers can choose if they wish to pay for their cryptocurrencies on BTSE using USD. 

AstroPay users worldwide have a wide range of options available to them when it comes to topping up their AstroPay wallet. These options include local payment methods as well as credit cards, providing users with flexibility and convenience.

If you have an AstroPay account, you can link it with BTSE for a secure and convenient payment experience when purchasing cryptocurrency.

During the linking process, we will first need to verify your AstroPay identity via a US$1 charge. This charge will be refunded once your AstroPay identity has been verified. 

Once your AstroPay account has been verified, you can start using AstroPay by selecting it as a payment method on  BTSE Express Buy.

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