Identity Verification (KYC)

Ready to Dive into Our Fiat Currency Features? Here’s How to Get Verified!

For Individual Users:

To get started, make sure you have:

  • A clear photo of an ID (like your Passport, Driver's License, or any government-issued ID).

  • A document showing your address. This could be a Bank Statement, Utility Bill, or Credit Card Bill. It should be no older than 3 months and display your current residence address. Government-issued documents with your address are also acceptable.

  • A sharp selfie of yourself!

Once you have completed all the steps above, you will have full access to all of BTSE’s features. 

For Corporate Users:

For businesses, here's what we need:

  • Your Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration.

  • The Certificate of Incumbency.

  • A list showing all your Directors.

  • Proof of the Director's residential address.

  • A photo of the Director's Passport.

  • A selfie of the Director holding his/her Passport.

Tips for Smooth Verification:

  • When you're scanning or photographing your documents, make sure we can see all 4 corners clearly.

  • The details on the ID should be sharp, unobscured, and original (no modifications).

How to Submit Your Verification:

  • Head to the Identity Verification Page: Login → Click on your Username → Account → Verification.

Choose what fits you:

  • For personal verification: Click on "Individual User" and hit "Continue".

  • For businesses: Click on "Corporate User" and hit "Continue".

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to provide the required information and upload your documents.

  • Once everything’s in order, click "Submit".

  • Please be patient! Our verification process typically takes 1-2 business days. During busier times, it might take a tad longer. We'll send you an email as soon as you're verified and ready.

Why Can't I Verify My Account?

These might be the potential reasons why your verification may not be possible:

  1. Localized License Entities: BTSE has established localized license entities in certain countries. If you are from one of these countries, please visit and register on your local site to complete the verification process:

  2. Exceeded Verification Attempts: If your request has been submitted and rejected three times, please contact customer service for further assistance.

  3. Sanctioned or Prohibited Jurisdictions: If your citizenship or residence is from a country listed in our Sanctioned and Prohibited Jurisdictions, you will not be able to complete the verification process on BTSE.

If you need further help, please reach out to us at

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