1. Select "Wallets"

  1. Select "Withdraw"

  1. Choose the currency where you want to withdraw funds > Select an option from the dropdown menu > Select "Currency" 

4. Fill in the "Amount" field > Choose a "Blockchain" 

  • Note:
    • Each cryptocurrency has its own blockchain as well as wallet address.
    • Selecting the incorrect currency or blockchain may result in the permanent loss of your asset/s. Before making a withdrawal transaction, please take extra precaution to ensure all of the information entered is correct

Enter the "Withdrawal (Destination) Address" > Press the "Withdraw" button.

5.  Check your registered email's inbox for the OTP code and indicate in the appropriate field together with your 2FA then click "Verify".

6. Your withdrawal transaction will be processed, and a confirmation message will be posted on the screen once completed. 

Note: The confirmation link will be deactivated in 1 hour.