WalletConnect is a protocol for connecting decentralised applications to mobile wallets with QR code scanning or deep linking. It connects web applications to supported mobile wallets and a WalletConnect session is started by a scanning a QR code (desktop) or by clicking an application deep link (mobile).

This protocol allows you to quickly enter a crypto wallet address into the BTSE website by scanning a QR code, making it more convenient for you to withdraw crypto assets.

To obtain the WalletConnect QR code, kindly visit the BTSE Wallet page and follow the steps below:

Step 1.

Go to the BTSE Wallet Page > Select a currency that supports ERC20 format > Withdraw > Click the WalletConnect button.

Note: This function only works if your mobile wallet supports WalletConnect QR code. (Click here for the list of supported apps)

Step 2.

Wait for the WalletConnect QR code to appear > Open your wallet app to scan the code > Click "Connect".

Step 3.

Once connected, your withdrawal address is ready and you can start to withdraw.