The following steps will assist you on how to:

  •  Add and verify your credit card on the BTSE Platform
  • Top up your BTSE account with my credit card

            * Reminder: You'll need to complete the identity and address verification to complete these steps. For more

              details, please check our Identity Verification reference guide. 

How to add and verify your credit card on the BTSE Platform 

(1) Click "Here" (or follow this path: "Username"  >  "Account"  >  "My Payment"  >  "Add New Card"

(2) Follow the given instructions, upload the listed documents below, and submit your verification request.

List of  documents to be uploaded: 

  • The Credit Card Photo
  • The Selfie  (Please ensure you are holding your credit card when you take your selfie) 
  • The Credit Card Bill

(3) After passing verification, you can start using your credit card to top up your BTSE account

How to top up your BTSE account with a credit card

(1) Select the Top Up currency:

Click "Wallets"  >   Search for the desired currency  >  Click "Deposit"

(2) Choose the source credit card for your top-up

(3) Enter the credit card information and click "Pay"

(4) After the payment is completed, BTSE finance team will credit the amount to your account within 1 working day. (You will be prompted with "Authorization completed" and "Success" messages, confirming that the payment is completed)