Turnaround time for Deposit & Withdrawal Transactions

Timeframes for Deposits & Withdrawals

Fiat Deposits

After our bank receives your funds, you can generally expect them in your BTSE account within a day, or 24 hours.

Example: Let's say you deposit today but due to some delays, it lands on the third business day. If everything checks out, we'll credit your account the next business day.

Note to Remember:

Don't forget to include the "Reference Number" and "BTSE Transaction Number" when you're using international (SWIFT) remittance.

Once you've made the transfer, you can upload the transaction slip via your wallet history.

If you're dealing with AED, keep in mind that Dubai's banks are open Sunday to Thursday. Transactions made outside these days will catch up on the next business day.

Crypto Deposits

After your crypto transfer gets the green light from the blockchain, it'll be in your BTSE account within 30 minutes.

Example: If you transfer funds at 2 p.m. and they're confirmed by the blockchain by 3 p.m., expect them in your account by 3:30 p.m.

Note to Remember:

If you've waited more than an hour and still don't see the deposit, contact BTSE Customer Support with your transaction number (TxID).

Crypto transactions are irreversible, so double, triple-check everything before you hit "send."

Fiat Withdrawals

Click on the withdrawal confirmation link in your email, and we'll process your request within one business day.

Note to Remember:

Look out for that email and click the link to finalize the withdrawal.

Again, for AED, remember that Dubai's banks are open from Sunday to Thursday. Any requests on other days will get sorted the next business day.

Crypto Withdrawals

Once you hit that withdrawal confirmation link, your crypto will be sent to the blockchain in about 20 minutes. The total time for the transaction to complete might stretch up to 12 hours under special conditions.

Note to Remember:

Keep an eye on your email for the confirmation link.

Blockchain traffic can slow things down and potentially increase transaction fees.

Double-check all the details—crypto transactions are irreversible.

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