Why is Your 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) Code Not Working?

Troubleshooting Your 2FA Code Issues

1. Expired 2FA Code?

2FA codes have a short lifespan, typically 30-60 seconds. If the code is nearing its expiration, just hang tight and wait for the next one.

2. Is Your Phone's Clock Out of Sync?

A misaligned phone clock could be the culprit behind a failed 2FA verification. Here's how you can synchronize it:

For Android Users: Check your phone's manual under the date and time settings section.

For iPhone Users: Need help adjusting? Click Here for instructions from Apple's support center.

3. Google Authenticator Time Correction:

Sometimes, the issue lies within the Google Authenticator app itself.

For Android Users: Open the app → Tap the settings icon → Choose 'Time correction for codes' → Click on 'Sync now'.

For iPhone Users: Unfortunately, Google Authenticator for iOS lacks the Time Correction function. Double-check your device's date and time settings to ensure they're synchronized.

Still Facing Issues?

Consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If you've misplaced your 16-digit 2FA Key or didn't save it, Click Here to request a 2FA reset. Please note that a request to disable your 2FA may take 3-5 business days to process.

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