Account Statement

How do I generate an account statement?

1. Log in to your account and navigate to the [Wallet] section. From there, click on [Account Statement].

2. Your account balance data is updated daily at 00:00:00 UTC+0. Prior to that time, you can only access records up until the most recent refresh. As an example, if you access the statement on 2022-01-12, the latest available record would be for 2022-01-10.

3. Select the date for which you want an account statement to be generated.

4. The account statement will provide an overview of your account for the selected date, including your user ID, account type, wallets, and the total value of your assets in USD and your selected currency.

How do I export an account statement?

1. After generating an account statement, click on the [Export] button.

2. You have the option to download the account statement as a PDF file or forward it to your registered email address. You may also export the account statement as a PDF file and send it to an external email address.

3. When exporting account statements via email, please note:

    a. If you are logged in as the master account, the account statement will be sent to the email address registered with the master account.

    b. If you are logged in as a sub-account, only the account statement of this particular sub-account can be generated and sent to the email address registered with the sub-account. If the sub-account does not have an email address registered, it will be sent to the master account’s email address.


4. When exporting account statements as a PDF, please follow the steps below:

    a. To ensure the security of your account, all exported PDF files must be encrypted with a ten-digit password.


    b. The default password is your UID (User ID). This password will be used to protect the file from unauthorized access.

    c. If you wish to share the PDF file with external parties, they will need to enter the password you have set in order to view the contents.

    d. It is crucial to store the password securely to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

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