• From BTSE.com's home page, click "Register" or click here to fill the registration form
  • Important Reminders:
    • Your password must contain at least 6 characters, including letters and numbers. Letters are case sensitive
    • If you have a referrer or event redemption code, please click "Referral/Promo Code" and fill the corresponding fields
    • Please read the Terms of Use carefully before you click "I agree to the Terms of Use" and submit the registration form

I. BTSE account registration using your email address

Filling out your email, username and password before "Register"

  • After submitting the form, check your email inbox for the registration confirmation
  • Click the confirmation link to complete the registration and start using cryptocurrency trading (Crypto to crypto. For example, use USDT to buy BTC)
    Note: If you want to trade with fiat currencies, please click here.

II. BTSE Account registration using your mobile number

BTSE now has an additional registration feature that allows new users to on-board with their mobile numbers.

Upon successful mobile registration, customers can proceed to deposit or withdraw their digital assets and start trading. However, for fiat deposits, withdrawals or other transactions, customers will need to complete the identity verification / KYC process. [Click here for more details.] 

Note: Complete email or mobile verification is needed to submit identity verification requests.

Go to BTSE website > Register  

Enter your mobile number, user name and password > Register 

Received OTP from your registered mobile number and verify the account 

You can trading cryptocurrencies now! Welcome to BTSE!