All-In-One Order Book

Typical Order Books

The order book is where all buy and sell orders for a trading pair are collected and matched. On conventional exchanges, every trading pair has its own order book; that means if you trade BTC/USD, you access a different order book than users trading BTC/JPY which may have little liquidity.

BTSE’s All-In-One Order Book

BTSE combines the buy and sell orders for all trading pairs of each main market in one order book. That means better pricing and deeper liquidity.

By combining all trading pairs in one order book,

BTSE upgrades your trading experience three ways at a time:

Deeper Liquidity
Fairer Pricing
Larger Variety

“Liquidity Begets Liquidity” - Take advantage of higher fill rates and arbitrage opportunities as well as better price discovery across all markets.

Trading an asset’s less frequently used trading pair no longer puts you at a price disadvantage. Enjoy price-efficient markets with tighter spreads.

Make your pick - easily switch between quote currencies with a simple click and trade between all fiat currencies, crypto assets, and stablecoins.

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