• Trading fees are deducted from the currency you receive. 
  • The account fee level is determined based on a 30-day rolling window of trading volume, and will be recalculated daily at 00:00 (UTC). You can see your current fee level on the Account Profile Page.
  • Trading volume is calculated in BTC. Non-BTC trading volume is converted into BTC equivalent volume at the spot exchange rate.
  • BTSE does not allow users to self-refer through multiple accounts.

No BTSE Token25% Disc with Qualified BTSE TokenWith 20% Referral Bonus and Qualified BTSE Token
30-Day Vol.
(in USD)
&/orBTSE Token
< 500KAnd< 3000.10%0.20%0.10%0.20%0.08%0.16%
≥ 500KOr≥ 3000.10%0.20%0.075%0.15%0.06%0.12%
≥ 1MOr≥ 6000.09%0.20%0.0675%0.15%0.054%0.12%
≥ 5MOr≥ 3K0.08%0.20%0.06%0.15%0.048%0.12%
≥ 10MOr≥ 6K0%0.18%0%0.135%0%0.108%
≥ 50MOr≥ 10K0%0.16%0%0.12%0%0.096%
≥ 100MOr≥ 20K0%0.14%0%0.105%0%0.084%
≥ 500MOr≥ 30K0%0.12%0%0.09%0%0.072%
≥ 1BOr≥ 35K0%0.10%0%0.075%0%0.06%
≥ 1.5BOr≥ 40K0%0.08%0%0.06%0%0.048%
≥ 2.5BOr≥ 50K0%0.05%0%0.0375%0%0.03%