TWAP (Time-Weighed Average Price) Order

What is a TWAP Order?

A Time-weighted average price (TWAP) order is a type of algorithmic trading order that aims to execute a trade at the average price of an asset over a specified period of time. The TWAP order is designed to minimize the impact of sudden price movements on the execution of the trade. It does this by breaking the trade up into smaller orders and executing them gradually over the predetermined time period. 

Each order placed as part of a TWAP order will be visible alongside your other orders. Adopting a TWAP strategy can minimize the impact of large transactions on the market and reduce the risk of slippage resulting from a single large order. 

How to set a TWAP Order 

1. Select ‘TWAP’ from the upper-right corner of the Buy/Sell dashboard. 

2. Enter the USD amount or quantity of an asset  that you would like to buy or sell, along with a time interval (period fields) for execution. This can be in hours, minutes, or both. 

How many TWAP orders will be set up for my pending order? 

 This would  depend on your order size / amount.  If your order is large or the time interval set is long, the system will likely separate your order  into multiple TWAP orders. 

Will all my orders be successfully executed?

While our system strives to fulfill your order to the best of its ability, please be aware that the execution of your order is contingent upon the specified conditions. In the event that your order conditions deviate significantly from prevailing market conditions, it may not be possible to execute your order as intended. We encourage you to review and adjust your order parameters to increase the likelihood of successful execution.

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