How is PIT traded on BTSE?

Pitbull is traded in large volumes; each transaction is in multiples of one million. This means when you purchase a unit of M_PIT on the market, you are buying one million Pitbull tokens.

How is PIT displayed in my wallet?

In your wallet, PIT is denoted in single units. Every single PIT you see in your wallet is equivalent to one Pitbull token, as opposed to the million-unit representation used in market trades.

Important Note on Wallet Balances:

If your wallet balance exceeds 99,999,999 PIT, you may notice rounding discrepancies that extend to nine decimal places. While this rounding error may be visible, it does not impact the true amount of PIT you possess, nor does it affect your transactions or the functionality of your wallet. Rest assured, we are diligently working on a solution to enhance the accuracy of the displayed balance.

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